Our win-win approach to partnership is at the core of our business.
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Tabit is a partnership-first offering. You grow, we grow.

Digital Agencies

Help your clients bring their B2B eCommerce to the next level.

We help your clients offer their B2B buyers a seamless buying experience

Point-of-Sale Buy Now, Pay Later options at checkout on eCommerce platforms
Integrates seamlessly with their existing back-office and eCommerce platform
Automated credit decisions
1-day payment settlement

eCommerce Platforms

Offer best-in-class payment options for your B2B buyers.

Tabit integrates with a wide range of eCommerce platforms

API-powered Integrations
Open API available for in-house commerce platforms
Offer your buyers Buy Now, Pay Later options at checkout
Eliminate time-consuming credit management tasks
Eliminate credit risk while increasing conversion and AOV

Wholesale Marketplaces

Stand out from the others. Merchants using your platform can now offer Buy Now, Pay Later.

Make Tabit an approved partner and marketplace option

One-time integration
Cost-effective options for your merchants
Capable of processing thousands of transactions per day
Approved Tabit buyers can buy from multiple merchants

Industry Associations

We are always looking to work with industry associations in the B2B distribution place.

Would you like to help your members:

Improve their buyer’s experience?
Offer credit without any risk?
Increase their online conversion?
Increase their AOV?
Eliminate time-consuming credit management tasks?

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