Fintrepreneur Podcast

Fintrepreneur is a bi-weekly podcast that highlights all things finance, fintech, entrepreneurship, and banking. Hosted by David Gens and Elias Beaino. We host monthly guests on the show, to discuss their thoughts, feelings, opinions and stories about financial technology and how their products have impacted the industry.

Fintrepreneur speaks to real entrepreneurs that have built or been a part of building large scale companies mostly in fintech with other guests appearing from various industries. Fintrepreneur goes into a deep dive of our own and our guests industry expertise and the learnings that have come from entrepreneurship.

If you enjoy hearing founders’ stories or if you have a passion for fintech, then this is the podcast for you!

Hosted by

David Gens CEO Merchant Growth & Tabit
Elias Beainos Executive VP Tabit

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