Computers, Hardware, and B2B BNPL - Keeping Businesses Connected Through Flexible Financing Solutions

Imagine trying to run a business without access to a computer. Although it may not technically be impossible, it would create a lot more work. What about working on a painfully slow “brick” or a computer that may make a questionable noise when you turn it on. Again, work will happen, but productivity will certainly be affected. With time and use, computers age, while simultaneously new technology becomes available, and improvements are made in the space.

However, when it comes to planning regular business expenses, computers and computer hardware are likely not one of them. Moreover, even when purchasing an economical option or buying one on sale, the cost of a computer, or multiple computers can quickly add up.

Payment Flexibility is Mutually Beneficial

For a small business buyer, the sudden need (or even planned need) to purchase one or more computers or pieces of hardware can put quite a strain on one’s available cash flow for other business needs. As we mentioned, while it’s hard to imagine running a business without a computer, in contrast, the inability to purchase inventory to sell to one’s own customers also means a dead end. With its emphasis on flexible payment options, tabit means not having to make that impossible choice. Having the ability to pay back over time frees up the cash flow that is required in other areas of the business, while still being able to get those much-needed computers.

For business sellers, by incentivizing buyers to make a purchase with flexible payment terms makes this type of purchase more feasible, which ultimately opens the door for an increase in sales. Plus as tabit pays sellers the full value of the transaction within one business day, that money goes right back into the seller’s cash flow instead of collecting the revenue over time.

Stand Out From Competitors

Additionally in the competitive landscape of B2B computer sales, the same way a difference of a single feature may sway a buyer towards one model over another, what may appear to be a small change of adding a BNPL option can greatly impact a purchasing decision.

A common practice in the B2C space, B2B BNPL is about capitalizing on the same convenience that buyers are used to with personal purchases, with laptops being a common item for this type of financing. While an application can take as little as 5 minutes, with a decision provided within 30 seconds returning customers will have an expedited path to make additional purchases without re-applying. Given how seamless and straightforward the process is, in addition to the flexibility, buyers are further incentivized to consider tabit for future purchases. Integrated at the point of sale qualifying buyers get instantaneous approvals up to $15,000, and up to $500,000 within one business day. It’s that simple.

No Risk, No Time Wasted

For sellers still not fully convinced, another benefit of tabit is that the seller does not have to take on any of the risk, we take care of that! Considering the potential price tag for computer sales, that’s a big weight to not have to carry.

Additionally in the same way tabit is about a seamless checkout experience for buyers when it comes to integrating tabit into your e-commerce platform, we’ve kept things simple and to the point. Tabit can either be integrated with existing e-commerce plugins such as Shopify or Woocommerce, or for those who would like additional customization we have readily available custom API documentation to get you set up.

As technology (and computers) continue to advance, when it comes planning for the future of B2B sales, we invite you to put in on our tab!

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